Gift of Goodness

Gift of Goodness – October 9, 2021

A bit of goodness to start your day.

Are you feeling powerless to time?

It’s especially important during busy seasons that we set ourselves up for success, guarding the minutes and hours that we have and align them with our top priorities.  It is easy to spend time lost in our phones, social media or even work which many do not square up as a top priority to life a full and enriched life.  This can leave us depleted and overwhelmed at the end of the day.

Dear God, I pray that with the help of the Holy Spirit who lives in me, I can guard the minutes and hours you have given me I pray for self-discipline and I pray that you would do more with my minutes and hours than I can alone.

Lindsey Bomgren, CPT

Today, I will audit my time and ensure how I spend my time is aligned with my priorities by exercising the Spirit of self-control.

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