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There is Something About Mary!

Celebrating Mary and the Feast of the Holy Rosary.

In Catholic tradition, the entire month of October is dedicated to the Holy Rosary.  This month-long observance is largely due to the liturgical feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, celebrated today, October 7.

“Help me, Mother Mary.” 

It is a simple prayer, but a powerful one that you can say at any point during the day or night when you feel yourself getting stressed or overwhelmed.  Mother Mary gets it.  There are moments when we don’t understand Jesus’ plans for our lives.  We question where He is, what He is doing, and why He is not with us. Mary asked those same questions.

When you have trouble finding Jesus in your times of anxiousness and grief, turn to Mother Mary. She trusted in God’s plan, even when it caused her great suffering. From the moment she said yes to Gabriel, she cooperated in what God wanted for her life even when it was not easy.

Mary suffered, too.  And she understands when we suffer.  She wants to draw us close to her and help us find the peace we seek.  Mary wants to help us experience the calm we desire for our lives.  This makes sense because we know that throughout Mary’s life, she thought of others before herself.

Immediately after the angel visited her, she went in haste to see and help Elizabeth, her cousin, and remained with her for three months.  You have friends who are with you to carry you and lift you up.  You are loved.

Mary’s compassion is available to us as we deal with life’s stresses.  We do not walk alone.  She takes our prayers to Jesus and appeals on our behalf.  Pray for Mary’s help often! 

My tribute to Our Lady is why I wrote There is Something About Mary.  This book is intended to offer readers three things.  First, to provide you a greater understanding of the Rosary and how it can deepen your prayer life.  Second, to help you grow in relationship with our spiritual mother Mary, see the life of Jesus through her eyes, and experience the gifts of the Rosary. Third, to allow you to create space for silence and contemplation in your life.  My hope is that after your 31-day journey with There is Something About Mary, you will be drawn into greater silence and curiosity to pray the Rosary.

Download your complimentary copy here today.  I pray it blesses and refreshes you!

Smitten With Goodness,


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