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Shining a Light on Goodness: He is Risen

By Amy D’Ambra, Founder of My Saint My Hero
My Saint My Hero Blog Posted on April 04 2021

You, Jesus, love us by dying, by suffering abandonment, by bestowing Your spirit unto us, by doing the Father’s will, by offering everything up for our sins, and trusting in the greater plan of GOD. 

As You stumbled to Calvary, You gazed into Your mother’s eyes, and without saying anything, You also gazed into heaven and found supernatural peace as You trusted in the Greater Plan. You remained on the Cross, and from that place, You continued to offer us unconditional love and mercy. You pleaded for our sins to be forgiven. “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.” You died on the Cross next to two criminals, and yet You forgave them and invited them to heaven with You. You continued to offer mercy, forgiveness, and eternal life.

This knowing continues to challenge me—who would I have been? I pray that I would have been with You, alongside Your Mother praying for You and trusting in God’s divine goodness. However, I could have been the thief next to You, or maybe I would have been doubting Thomas, who had to see to believe. What astounds me is that no matter which one You encountered, You accepted them all! You loved them all and found mercy for all. You invited them all to believe in the Father and have eternal life with You. You continue to do that today for each of us! You rose from the Cross, as proclaimed in the Word, and before You joined Your Father in heaven, You came once again to anchor our faith, to encourage evangelization, and to bestow the Holy Spirit upon us. You did all of this for us, and You continue to do so.

May we always remember. May we be the ones to go out and share the goodness of the Lord. May we trust in the divine plan of God, even during death and sorrow.  May we say YES to Your love and be carried to the banquet of heaven on our last day.

Sometimes I wonder why we must remember the sorrowful Passion, and then I begin to live the sorrowful moments in my life and know that through YOU, Jesus, we find our strength to believe and to trust in the gift of eternal life.

Today, as we celebrate the RISEN CHRIST we say YES to Your love. We say YES and reach out our hand to Yours as You guide us on our Holy Path during this life and beyond. Jesus, RISE within me. Christ within.


Smitten With Goodness is inspired by My Saint My Hero whose mission is to create Wearable Blessings™ that empower global communities through meaningful work and remind us that we are loved, blessed and protected. To change the world through love…one blessing at a time. Wear One. Share One.

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