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Introducing Our Why

Are you ready for a new perspective and to cultivate goodness in our world?

Smitten With Goodness

Do you ever feel numb and flat, feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Stretched so thin you have little time to think and when you do, you think I am never enough?  Does your mind long for rest from worry?  Have you come to the realization there is a situation you cannot fix or control?  Do you find yourself taking everything personally with your emotions spinning out of control at the drop of a hat?  If so, Smitten with Goodness is for you. 

Spoiler alert – we were not meant to live this way!  Perhaps I am the only one who has found myself in these states of life, but I think not.  The solution to all this is simple yet hard. Smitten with Goodness is a resource for those of us who are seeking a different way, a different perspective.

After many years walking down the path of what I deemed success, I was tired, anxious and had lost my sense of peace.  Sure, I was a good person.  A loving mother who provided well for my two children.  A successful fundraiser who raised philanthropic dollars to support important causes.  Ultimately a wife again after I remarried to a man who is the love of my life.  I was blessed with three adult bonus children and now two grandsons.  I was walking the path of recovery from the effects of growing up in dysfunction.  I had a curiosity for personal growth.  I was a devoted catholic who attended church every Sunday.  I believed in God and always had a strong faith. 

What was missing? 

Out came the vision board.  A common theme was “coming home”, “being the best version of myself,” and “getting back to me.”  I began to realize that so much of my life has been measured by the success of what I was doing.  Is this my legacy?  It felt flat and lacked meaning.  It was then that I began rebuilding my internal framework to measure success on how well I love.

How do I define love?

I must look to my Creator as my teacher and my guide.  The realization that God loves me not because I am good, but because He is good blew me away.   The shell around my heart began to break as I begin the walking through understanding what true love is and what it means.  I am learning to surrender and trust that His plan is much bigger than my limited one.  Friend, His grace is here, and His mercy is just waiting for us to invite Him in.  Get ready.  As you surrender your heart to the one who created you, my prayer and hope is for you to be Smitten with Goodness!

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever.

Focus on His truth, Psalm 118:1

By understanding who I am created to be, understanding who created me and aligning my life in right order, I can have a renewed sense of hope and restored peace of heart and mind.  We are not promised a life on this earth of everything we want but we are promised that we will have everything we need.  We will not have a life free from pain and suffering but we are assured we are loved and have purpose.   Even through our anxiety and worry.  Through our dysfunctional, failed relationships and recovery.  Through illnesses of mind and body.  

Are you ready to surrender to unconditional love and the peace of heart it provides?  Are you ready for your soul to be alive and have hope for your future? 

Welcome to a community that supports and guides the growth of our souls by being Smitten with Goodness in ourselves, our community, and our world.

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