Finding God's Goodness

Week Two: Lifelong Learning. Sacred Silence.

Today we celebrate the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord. After Jesus was baptized, the Holy Spirit descended upon him, and He heard “you are my beloved son; with you I am well pleased.” (Luke 3:15-16) How often do you hear God’s voice saying this to you? Baptism is a work of God accepting us as we are. There is nothing we can do or fail to do that will damage this relationship. By virtue of our baptism, we have the Holy Spirit within us revealing the mysterious ways of God. Our job is to have the courage to get comfortable with silence and listen. The voice that says ” I am God’s beloved child called and sent to make a difference in the world.” This is our lifelong learning, the theme of this week.

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Guide to Goodness

Day by Day Finding God’s Goodness

With the weight of the past few years, do you feel you’ve been living the good life? How would you like to spend a few minutes each day cultivating a life worth living. Living the good life is the journey to find the divine within. It’s not so much looking outside ourselves but inviting our Creator to reveal the goodness present in the day-to-day moments of our life. Too often we are hurried, unconscious or unaware of the gifts of peace, hope and joy that are ours for the taking if only we seek the things that feed our soul such as our relationship with God. The whole of the Bible is about how we can restore and build this relationship with the Divine. God, who is always good, constantly seeks us and is ever present. It is we who turn away, following our own agenda and trying to fill a God-size hole with things other than grace and divine love.

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