Day 42: Tuesday of Holy Week.  Jesus Visits the Mount of Olives/Judas Negotiates the Betrayal of Jesus 

Have I betrayed God? 

It is hard to think about betrayal. We all want to believe we are loyal and true in our relationships.  But there is confusion and difficulty when our hearts are involved. Relationships can be difficult and we need mercy and compassion to make them work.

Our spiritual journey is no different. God remains faithful to us yet despite our best efforts, we hand over true love for the fleeting comforts and satisfactions of the world. We take our eye off the eternal prize to live in what feels good now. We resist pain and suffering which is usually the cross we need to carry to become whole and live in holiness. 

We see this even in two of the disciples who lived in Jesus’s physical presence and betrayed him.  Am I Judas who sells out my Lord for the ego rush of a few riches, power or fame. Or am I Peter who denies he knows Christ? To live fully human, I’m realizing I have both of these attitudes living in my broken heart.

My confession allows me to acknowledge and own these attitudes that live in the darkness and bring them through God’s grace and healing into the light.

Lord, You remain loyal to your people and keep your promises and know that I don’t do the same. Forgive my betrayal, my silence, my complacency. Allow me to thrive and help me be strong in faith. Authentically Yours. 

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