Day 40: Palm Sunday.  Jesus’ Triumphant Entry Into Jerusalem

How did I praise God today? 

As we contemplate Holy Week on this Palm Sunday, we must remember what our Lord endured for our salvation.  He offered Himself as the perfect sacrifice for sin on the altar of the cross and washed away our sins with His blood.  We must also recognize our responsibility to ask for forgiveness for the sin in our life.  For it is sin, big and small, that made Christ suffer the torment of the cross.  Our crucified Lord on the cross is a vivid image of His love for us.  Meditating on His Passion strengthens us against temptation, moves us to frequent confession, and keeps us on the path of salvation.  Through our praise, we give away ourselves and live in the right order. Jesus gave His all for you and me but can we really say we do the same in return? 

How do I reach into the depth of my soul and long for You?  Lord, help my love to be expansive and open. Help me be curious about others and their needs. Help me be joyful. Open my eyes to injustice in the world and give me the strength to respond as You would. I need your guidance to help me act with greater kindness, bold justice, creative love, and wild generosity towards my neighbor.

This is how I praise You.

With tremendous gratitude, I come before You to offer You praise and adoration. Authentically Yours.

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