Finding God's Goodness

Week 43. Faithfulness. Each New day.

Valuing others is justice. The virtue of faith grows our faithfulness.

God, through Christ, came to heal the body and spirit. As believers, our mission is to carry on this message today. Each new day allows us to see new ways we are being healed.

As we know and share our personal story, we become a witness. We help bring a new just order to the world through our hearts which have been touched by compassion. A place where we see our common humanity, not our differences. 

We proclaim a whole new order. One where God, in Christ, is drawing all things to Himself. The great ordering principles of the world—money, fame, power, sex, pleasure—are overthrown. A new King has come, along with a new way of organizing life. Where Love, inclusion, compassion, nonviolence, forgiveness, especially of enemies— is a new way sanctioned by God.

Lord, thank you for drawing me to be a just person where each new day, I speak the wisdom I have pondered in my heart.

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