Finding God's Goodness

Week Thirty-Four. My Portion. Good and Bad Times.

Month Eight – Valuing My Body. Temperance with hope leads to self-control. 

Are you a fair weather Christian? Only willing to sing God’s praise when the times are good?

There are very few Christians who are true friends of Jesus, who embrace the cross at all times, even in the bad. Of course, it is never easy to be a friend of the cross, but who wants to be a fair-weather fan of Jesus and his Gospel? Our Christian lives are a constant battle. We should never forget that. 

We all are tempted to escape from the reality of our situation from time to time. Nevertheless, whoever perseveres until the end will be saved and have a fruitful life. We can’t expect to have a glorious eternity full of celebration and joy if we don’t shed some blood, sweat, and tears here on earth for the sake of Christ and the good of our brothers and sisters. With the Lord as my portion, I can do just that!

He who seeks not the Cross of Christ seeks not the glory of Christ.

St. John of the Cross

Thank you Lord for being my constant companion in good and bad times, allowing my salvation through the crosses I share with You. 

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