Finding God's Goodness

Week Twenty-Five. Sacred Love. Looking for God’s Goodness and Weekly Reflection Summary.

Month Six – Fortitude in loving myself infused with God’s love produces goodness.

Looking for God’s Goodness in contemplation and prayer.  The Litany of the Holy Spirit.

And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Comforter and Helper to be with you forever, the Spirit of Truth. . . . You know this Spirit, for it abides with you and will be in you. —John 14:16–17

During his Lenten hermitage some years ago, Father Richard composed this prayer litany of the Holy Spirit, imagining the Spirit’s many descriptive names. I invite you to read these names of the Spirit slowly as a way to awaken to the Spirit’s presence in your life.

Pure Gift of God

Indwelling Presence

Promise of the Father

Life of Jesus

Pledge and Guarantee

Defense Attorney

Inner Anointing

Homing Device

Stable Witness


Always Already Awareness

Compassionate Observer

God Compass

Inner Breath

Mutual Yearning Place

Hidden Love of God

Implanted Hope

Seething Desire

Fire of Life and Love

Truth Speaker

Flowing Stream

Wind of Change

Descending Dove

Cloud of Unknowing

Uncreated Grace

Filled Emptiness

Deepest Level of Our Longing

Sacred Wounding

Holy Healing

Will of God

Great Compassion

Inherent Victory You who pray in us, through us, with us, for us, and in spite of us.

Amen, Alleluia!

Weekly Reflection Summary: Sacred Love.

Sunday.  It’s Part of Me. The flames of the spirit dwelling within me grow.

Monday.  Fashionable Wisdom. What will you wear today?

Tuesday. Voice Within. Do you have all the crazy voices in your head vying for attention?

Wednesday. Noticing. My heart rhythm and my interior life.

Thursday. Take Heart. The human heart has long been a symbol of love.

Friday. Divine Corrective. The Feast of the Sacred Heart.

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