Finding God's Goodness

Week Nineteen. Hopelessness. Looking for God’s Goodness and Weekly Reflection Summary.

Month Five. Fortitude to love myself, expands my hope and kindness.

Looking for God’s Goodness in contemplation and prayer. James Clear, author of “Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results,” says we often overprioritize intensity over consistency, but consistency is what matters most when it comes to making progress. This practice is not intense. It can be done in literally one minute. If/when you have time for more involved practices (meditations, journaling, prayer, contemplation, whatever speaks to you), that’s awesome and worthwhile. Otherwise, something like this is a useful go-to.

It’s also helpful in stressful moments. The intention is to help us get out of our heads and connected with ease in our bodies. And it ends with gratitude.

Here’s the practice. Try it with me.

Imagine right now that you drop the tug-of-war rope. Like, you didn’t even realize it, but you were playing tug-of-war, and you just let go.

Completely stop all pulling, gripping, resisting.

Feel what happens in your body.

Feel how any extra tension you had been carrying suddenly released (when we’re not paying attention, there tends to be some, if not a lot of tension).

Focus in on that softness and openness in your body.

Deepen your breath and see if you can expand on that sensation: Allow relaxation and ease to overtake the entirety of your body.

Be with that for a moment.

Feel the release through you and possibly even radiating out around you.

Now, place a hand on your heart and say thank you.

Thank you for this peaceful moment. Thank you for this precious and peaceful sensation. Thank you that — as you look around — there’s beauty and grace around you right now.

Something as simple as this could be your daily one-minute practice. Or your go-to when you don’t have time for anything else. Or what you try in a tense moment. (You can find a recording of it at

It’s hard to argue with giving one minute a shot. Sure, more time will do more good, but let’s not underestimate the power of small, consistent steps.

They’re big.

Hopelessness. Weekly Reflection Summary.

Sunday. Two Voices. How well do I listen?

Monday. Fine Lines. The narrow space between thoughts.

Tuesday. Receptive to love. Love poured out.

Wednesday. Resistance. How often do I resist what I need to grow?

Thursday. Nothing to fear. Except refusing God’s mercy.

Friday. Hope. We are given the gift of hope and are not meant to live in hopelessness. 

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