Finding God's Goodness

Week Seventeen: Patience. An Important Virtue

Month Four – Loving Myself. Fortitude with Faith produces patience

Do you ever feel like you have mastered the virtue of patience and then are taken by surprise and explode! The illusion of being the most patient person in the world just vaporized before your very eyes.  Patience is so important that Jesus Christ, our model in all virtues, said: “By your patience you will save your souls.” St. Augustine prayed in desperation: “Lord, give me patience and right now!”

My patience has been tested by various circumstances including the Covid world in which we are living. The failure of health, economic setbacks, weather extremes, failed and broken relationships, and even God can try my patience.  Sometimes it seems as if God is distant and doesn’t seem to hear my prayers or seems indifferent. All this can try my patience. In a moment, if anger is left unchecked, it can lead to hatred which can lead to “killing my neighbor”. Death-filled thoughts, words, or hateful actions can be avoided by fostering patience within.

St. Ignatius insists that we must beg for grace. St. Augustine humbly reminds us that we are all beggars before God. God is willing to give if we simply persevere in asking Him.  Remember the persistent widow who gained the favor of the callous and cold-hearted judge for the simple reason that she kept begging for his help. 

Ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Matthew 7:7

Thank You, Lord, for letting me be a beggar for things of You and the virtue of patience.

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