Finding God's Goodness

Week Sixteen: Wholeness. Needing Attention

Month Four – Loving Myself. Fortitude with Faith produces patience.

What in your life needs attention at this moment?   Is it your body, mind or soul? Do I turn toward or away from the pain? How I view and know God frames how I view life. My relationship with God allows me to see my true self.

There is strength in honestly sharing my story. In a sense, this is my confession. It’s called sharing or witnessing in recovery. My story lets out the things I’ve kept hidden and brings them into the open. I find release and strength. The box I’ve created or manufactured is opened and the stronghold of darkness is released into the light. I don’t need to fear the hidden parts of me.

Both my strengths and weaknesses make me who I am as I live the sacred story of my life. My achievements, my deceptions, my energy and my doing, my empathy, my intentions, my searching heart.

Here I am Lord, I come to do Your will.

Psalm 40

With You God, I can face anything, and I invite You to be my strength

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