Finding God's Goodness

Week Eight: Joy. Dead or Alive.

Have you ever thought about if you are living dead or alive? Living is experiencing joy in our day despite our circumstances. It is knowing who we are and whose we are. We who live alive bless the Lord now and forever.

Do you choose to live dead or alive? How often do you think about eternity and are you prepared? Our choices matter. Today the life I build can be either one of hope and joy or darkness and despair. I’m learning this is a daily choice. I can choose to do things that are life giving or soul sucking (i.e., social media!). I must change my mind about my choices to break the inertia of living a life of death. When I listen to my body and feel my emotions, I make life-giving choices and sing praises to God and His creation.

The dead do not praise the Lord.

Psalm 115:17

Thank you, Lord, for calling me to feel alive and to sing Your praises.

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