Finding God's Goodness

Week Seven: Hope. Firm Confidence.

Hope is not merely a wish that something good might happen – it is the firm confidence and desire that the promises of God will be fulfilled.

When you pray and talk to God, does it give you a sense of freedom from the darkness of the world? As Christians, we are called to bring the light into the darkness of the world. We are to be the salt where life has no savor. We are to be the hope for a humanity which has lost hope. Hope is the theological virtue that enables us to keep our eyes on heaven – even during those times when our sufferings and trials on earth make our life seem like a living hell. By the gift of hope at our baptism, God helps us trust the good news of Jesus Christ and His promises.

As I understand that my hope based in the world is contingent and temporary:  my work, material things, love, and happiness – no matter how essential they are, they do not last. I can lose my job, a loved one, my freedom or my good health. If I don’t have greater hope than these, I am bound for a life of disappointment.

I plead with you – never ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never be discouraged. Be not afraid.

St. John Paul II

Lord, I am grateful to have firm confidence in the hope of Christ and eternal life.

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