Finding God's Goodness

Week Seven: Hope. A Powerful Force.

How do I live with hope when the world seems so lost? Our lives seem so painful and senseless at times, and it all seems so pointless. When I ask this question, I’m taking action as I’m seeking and looking for an answer. Hope is almost always connected to action.

How do I grow in hope? For me, starting the practice of praying the Rosary every day and meditating on the mysteries allowed me to become connected to Jesus Christ in a profound way. Walking with Him through His life, death and resurrection as seen through Mother Mary’s eyes, I am connected to God’s story. This story broadens my perspective and reminds me there is more to life than just this earthly life. When I live through this lens, I begin to see the truth that God is in all things and all moments, and I see that my decisions and choices matter. My simple choices of humility to trust in God and His plan versus my will and my plan give me hope which becomes a powerful force in my life.

To have Christian hope means to know about evil and yet go to meet the future with confidence.

Pope Benedict XVI

Holy Spirit, touch the hearts that are living in despair and draw them to Your eternal hope.

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