Finding God's Goodness

Week Two: Lifelong Learning. Already Loved

Recently I’ve been meditating on the truth that “It is not that we have loved God, but that he first loved us.” (John 4:10) On some level, yet again, I thought it was all up to me, thinking I needed to earn God’s love. God is God and He loves me even should I not love Him. This has been a hard concept for me to understand.

By reading sacred scripture, which uses the images of the love of a spouse or a parent, has helped me understand how deeply God desires to make me His own. He knows this is where my happiness lies. No matter what I do, I am already loved.

I am inseparable from the love of God.

Romans 8:35

Let me understand a bit more today about how humbly and powerfully You look for my love.

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