Guide to Goodness

Have You Met Wisdom?

I believe that most of us want goodness in our lives which is ultimately to be loved. The problem is that in our humanity we have limited capacity to understand and give love due to our ego, inflated or wounded, getting in the way. I might suggest that as we seek wisdom, we learn how to love a life giving love.

Wisdom allows transformation.

I’m looking forward to meeting her in a different way this year and savoring her presence. I feel the presence of wisdom in my life through the Holy Spirit, the feminine side of God. She is the wind washing calmness over me, the breath giving me courage and right direction, she is the voice within that gives me broader perspective than my limited lens. I love the flow I feel when I am tuned into her.

What is on your 2022 reading list to help you manage the discomfort of the times we are living? What word of the year will you hang to giving you growth, comfort and hope?


My word is savor as I want to savor each breath I take, every moment I live in the new year whether it is dark or light. I’m learning this is the goodness of living.

I will continue to walk with St. Joseph as my Saint Buddy. Even though I started my relationship with him this past year, I feel I still have so much to learn. A man of justice, prudence (wisdom), strength, obedience to God’s will, faithfulness, patience and protector of the family. All these things resonate so strongly for me.

May you journey safely into the new year, smitten with goodness.


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