Gift of Goodness

Gift of Goodness – July 21, 2021

A bit of goodness to start your day.

If you take My words to heart, turning your ear to wisdom…you will understand justice and fair dealing, all paths that lead to happiness – Proverbs 2:1,9

Dear God, I desire your wisdom more than silver and gold. I want to be wise so that I can always make appropriate decisions that will benefit your kingdom and me. I understand that I may not receive your wisdom unless I commit myself to the consistent studying of the scriptures. Therefore, I ask you to please help me to be disciplined and consistently study the bible. Let me observe all your instructions so that I can be wise, and so that I can prosper in life.


Today, I will live in the consciousness of God’s presence in thought, word, and deed, praying for the gift of wisdom and living the gift of wisdom.

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