Inspiring Goodness

Inspiring Goodness: An End and a Beginning

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Dear Jesus, I have done so little for you in the past year. I do not know what you have in store for me for this year, yet I accept it with its joys, sacrifices, sorrow, pain, and even death—joyfully—for it is your choice. You will help me to do my part and cooperate with your grace, refrain from my habitual sins, overcome my faults and defects. O Jesus, you know that without you I am nothing. Be with me! Allow me to spend this coming year in your love and service, without counting the cost.

Bless me and my family, those with whom I come into contact—especially those who dislike me. They have good reasons. Bring to your feet those who seek you, groping for your Light. Bless and help the dying, the poor, the sick I deal with. Give the gift of holiness to all the priests I know and also the religious. Bless all those who love me and help me. Give strength, health and wisdom to the pope and bishops. Bless this house and all who are in it. Let me always remember that all that I am, all that I have are yours.

Come, Lord. Visit on us peace that we might rejoice before you.

Focus on His truth, Psalm 106:4-5

Sweet Lord, give me the peace of your Holy Spirit, the peace where nothing troubles me in my tiring day. Grant that when I am overburdened, the thought of your peace may come—beautiful and calming. The little irritations of this world are like needle pricks. Give me the strength not to notice them. Give me the peace of my faith that no worldly assault may shake. Help me. Bless me. Let me radiate your peace, Jesus of Nazareth, that in this impatient world your peace might be the peace of a turbulent sea quieted by your word.  

Sharing the goodness of a meditation by Catherine de Hueck Doherty, from Magnificat.

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