Shining a Light on Goodness

Shining a Light on Goodness: Prayer Bowls

Now this is a good summary of new year’s resolutions!

Shining a light on goodness puts the spot light on what others are doing which can help us on our journey to see God’s goodness. A friend recently introduced me to Prayer Bowls and blessed me with a beautiful Serenity Angel for Christmas.

Do you ever find yourself saying “I’ll pray for you” but then it falls off your to do list? You can capture those prayers and intentions by creating a prayer bowl. The founder, shares goodness through her inspirational story of how God worked through her support our prayer lives. God is near to us when we pray. When we commit to pray, we see big changes.

The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call him in truth.

Focus on His truth, Psalm 145:18

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